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Essay Database

The Mind Over Legal Matter® database is an organized essay database of all released Florida Bar Exam essays and answers from 2003 to the present. You can search by year, issues, or subjects and retrieve an essay and answer within seconds!

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Online Course

The Mind Over Legal Matter® online course specifically focuses on the essay portion of the Florida Bar Exam. By the time we are done, you will feel pumped and ready to tackle the essay portion of the Florida exam! 

Mind over Legal Matter is the best resource when it comes to learning what the Florida Bar is looking for in essays. I will be honest the essay portion was the portion that I was primarily concerned about being that there are so many subjects that could be tested. MOLM helped me tremendously! I memorized all the outlines and went into the exam very confident and came out feeling amazing! I am very grateful that I found MOLM, and I highly recommend it.

Michelle DeVos, Esquire

I truly believe that Mind Over Legal Matter is the best investment you can make to pass ANY state bar exam! This program is design to fully place you above the curve on all essays. The instructor will give you the “ins and out” of the state exam, as well as typical patterns to be on the lookout for. She will help you master issue spotting both for state specific topics as well as MBE topics. I give 100% credit to this program for helping me pass the Florida section of the bar exam. I fully recommend Mind Over Legal Matter!

Melissa Alzate, Esquire

“MOLM gives you these tools and prepares you not only with mounds of knowledge but a feeling of confidence. I cannot express enough my gratitude to her and her amazing talents and happily recommend her to anyone with a hope of passing the Bar.”

Jennifer L. Benjamin, Esq.

I would definitely recommend Mind Over Legal Matter to those preparing and/or having difficulties with the essay portion of the FL Bar Exam. I found it extremely helpful in preparing for the essays, especially on the subjects that I never took in law school, and on the newer subjects that are being tested.

Alicia Ramdass

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