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what do you mean by "organized" database?
It means that you can quickly find an essay to work on within seconds! You can search an essay by issue, subject, or year! Students have told me that their favorite feature of the database is the ability to search by issue.
how many times can i access the database during my subscription?
During your subscription plan you can access database an unlimited amount of times! That is, several times per day, night, and onto the next day and so forth!
can i easily download and print the essay questions and/or answers?
Yes! All of the essay questions and answers are in PDF format and can easily be printed.
how would i use the molm database in my studies?
Great question! Students have stated that they have incorporated database usage into their study routine and have used the database almost on a daily basis. Students have also used it when working on a particular issue that they were struggling with and wanted to focus on that particular issue when practicing essays.

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