Bar Exam Preparation Consultation

We are currently pausing our private tutoring services, however, please contact us to schedule a Bar Exam Preparation Consultation where I can speak with you about how to successfully approach the bar exam this time around. Click below to learn more

About Bar Exam Preparation Consultation

UPDATE! Consults are now available for 1st time takers as well! 

1st time taking exam?

Feel lost? Want to get a head start before your commercial course but you don’t know exactly what to do? Or perhaps you feel overwhelmed about all of the different advice you hear from everyone — and would prefer for someone to just sit down with you and give you advice tailored to your individual needs! I can do that for you and more!

Taking exam again?

I will review your previous score sheets and discuss in detail with you how you have previously studied for the bar exam. We will pinpoint the root cause of why you failed or have repeatedly failed, and will address it accordingly. I will explain the kind of schedule you may need and how to create it yourself, what additional materials/resources you may want to look into, new study methods to adopt, and how to effectively use your time between now and the next exam. Be ready take good notes! I will also type up notes as we speak and email document to you after our consult, highlighting everything we talked about.

Bar Exam Preparation Consultation Pricing

How It Works

1. Purchase A Consultation

Click any of the “Book A Consultation” buttons on this page to be redirected to our checkout page to purchase your consultation.

2. Schedule Your Consultation Date

After purchasing your consultation you will receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase to schedule your consultation date.

3. Attend Your Consultation Session

Attend your schedule consultation via phone or Zoom.


How would a Bar Exam Preparation Consultation help me?

Many students who have to retake the exam feel lost and hopeless when it’s time to study for the next exam. They usually do not understand why they failed and do not know how to proceed. As a result, many students will simply make the same mistakes they made the first time around and unfortunately many continue to fail as a result. A consult with me will help you get organized and create a plan for yourself. You will feel empowered and you will understand how to get back on track and study “smart” and not “hard” for this exam.

How long does a consultation last?

Approximately one hour.

I live in another state, can we still meet?

Yes, all meetings are virtual.

What if you recommend a tutor? You said you no longer tutor, what will I do?

If I think you need a tutor, I will be honest and tell you so. I no longer offer tutoring services but can give you the names of some tutors who I trust and you can contact them and see who you would like to hire and work with.