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Let’s talk about work life after the bar exam. Is work life getting to you ? Here are 3 common situations that you may find yourself in as a working lawyer.

#3 – Stuck in traffic on your way to work?

Traffic used to bother me. The drivers in my state used to bother me. I would say that I definitely had an angry character while I was driving. Now, before I leave my house, even when I am late to a meeting, I say an affirmation prayer that helps me put things into perspective.

Thank You God for getting me to my destination safely. Thank You God for keeping my mind rational and focused on safety.

I also play music that puts me in good spirits and I also listen to positive shows that uplift my spirit while driving. Here is what I do not do;

I do not make phone calls

I do not text

I do not cut in and out of lanes

I do not speed excessively

I personally do not like being late, but if I am running late I actually say out loud something to the effect of “I am running late but I will not let my safety be compromised or my peace be affected for something that is beyond my control”

Make your mind matter — put yourself in this mindset to help you deal with an issue that is beyond your control. Get to your destination with a peaceful mindset instead of a flustered one.

#2 – Waiting in court for the clerk to call your case?

I no longer actively litigate but, let me assure you, no lawyer forgets what it is like to sit in the courtroom for possibly hours at a time, waiting for your case(s) to be called.

I noticed that many attorneys bury themselves in their phone and write negative messages on Facebook about their experience.

How about we work on changing our mindset? Again, another situation that you cannot control, what are some things you can do to be a little more zen about the situation?

Read a book while you wait. Read a book that you enjoy, not one that bores you. Use a Kindle so no one can tell the difference.

Get to know the lawyers around you. A smile goes a long way. Positivity is inspiring. But don’t start “venting” about how long you are all waiting. Instead, ask about each other’s “wins”, what did you do last weekend, any plans this upcoming weekend, etc.

If you’re not familiar with the Judge, then LISTEN to the other cases and write down the circumstances and results. I was in a courtroom in an unfamiliar county with an unfamiliar judge and while I was waiting, I started jotting down what the cases were about and how the judge was ruling, her demeanor, the protocol, and what she valued from each attorney up at the podium. By the time it was my turn, I felt right at home and knew what to do.

#1 – You’ve prepared a winning argument and the Judge knocks you down

This one is the worst. In my experience, it seemed to always happen to the “good clients”, the ones that “deserve” justice and a grave injustice would happen right in front of me.

Do not waste your time “venting”. Use your time wisely. Ask God for answers. Show me the way. Show me the reasons why this happened or how I can use this experience to continue to help this person or people in the future.

I had a domestic violence injunction case where I represented the person that was completely and factually innocent of the accusations brought against her. I will not get into details of the proof we had, but “factually” to me, means that no reasonable mind could differ.

Injunction cases move swiftly and there is barely any time to present evidence as there are an incredible amount of cases on the docket. Needless to say, we lost and an injunction was issued against this mother of 2 small children, who had been an upstanding working citizen all of her life.

I did not waste time. I came back to the office and started looking up the rules and researching, what can I do, what can I learn from this. With my help and guidance, my associate wrote a motion allowed by the rules, for the judge to review and revisit her decision, using binding caselaw and facts from the proceeding. It was a long shot. Thankfully, the judge subsequently removed the injunction.

Please share your own success stories or learning experiences below!

Finding peace starts with one simple step. Allow yourself to take that first step today and continue to build upon it. The life you’ve always dreamed of begins NOW.