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Welcome to Mind Over Legal Matter where we approach Florida Bar Essays one mindful step at a time!

What does it mean to make your “mind” matter?

In a nutshell, it means that what you say and put out to the Universe will move you towards that goal or purpose. If you are constantly saying to yourself or out loud:

I failed the bar exam

I should have worked 14 hours a day

I should have taken ___ commercial prep course

I screwed up

I am such a failure

I am such a loser

I am terrible at multiple-choice

I always pick the sucker answer

I am terrible at writing essays

Guess what? You keep saying that to yourself and that is exactly what you’ll achieve. You’ll achieve failure, heartache, dissatisfaction, lack of success, deficiency in everything you touch or attempt to complete.

How about you change your way of thinking? It doesn’t cost you anything. And you won’t lose anything by doing it.

“I don’t want to be disappointed!”, is the response I always get.

Here’s my response to you:

You’re going to be disappointed anyway, right? Look above at all those statements I wrote. If and when all those items happen in your life, you will be disappointed, anyway, right? Well, then you really have nothing to lose if you start making your mind matter.

That’s right. Get up in the morning and say a minimum of 5 affirmations.

I am confident.

I am intelligent.

I am successful.

I am blessed.

I am grateful that things always work out in my favor.

Over time, you will move towards your goals of being confident, intelligent, successful, and blessed. Be honest with me. Just reading those few affirmations I wrote above, was satisfying (even in the slightest way), huh? I know it did, because they are positive words and positive words actually have a higher frequency than negative words, which is no coincidence. You can read more about that HERE. Whereas the negative words above, almost made you feel guilty or paranoid.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain by changing your mindset.

You can learn more about it in this New York Times Bestseller by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Check it out HERE.

Finding peace starts with one simple step. Allow yourself to take that first step today and continue to build upon it. The life you’ve always dreamed of begins NOW.