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Sunday started off as a regular day at the beach for me and my family. As usual, we go to beach on the weekend, to decompress and relax in the sun, play in the water with my son, who is also a beach bunny like his mom and dad!

The day was beautiful, with sunny weather but not too hot, and perfect breezes for all of us, which my dog also appreciated. He always comes to the beach with us, of course!

We started packing up around 4pm and as soon as we were all rinsed off, packed up, in the car and ready to head out, I realized that I did not have my phone.

We looked everywhere, inside the car, unloaded every item out of the vehicle, even the beach chairs, wagon, blanket, looking for my phone.

I started panicking thinking that all of my pictures of my son are on my phone, pictures of my mom who passed away 3 years ago, my dog, my husband, personal texts, passwords, my home address, and so forth.

I’m sure you know how it feels when you think you’ve permanently lost your phone.

So what do I do? I started praying. I asked my son to join me, and he is so good at praying.

He prays all the time. He also thanks God all the time.

Being on time to something, someone giving him a gift, finding the answer to something — my son is the first to say “Thank you, God. Thank you, Angels for ___________”

Interestingly, I feel that much stronger when my son prays with me.

I feel like as children, we are so connected to God, and then as adults, that quickly wanes.

We have to work harder to keep our faith and hope in God. I am so grateful that I am able to watch my son model this for me. He is my very own spiritual guru.

We started praying and also taking action. We texted my number several times, asking for someone to call my husband if phone was found.

My husband also went to the main office to see if anyone turned in a phone. My son and I take the LONG 10 minute walk back to where we were originally set up to see if we find the phone in the sand.

Throughout this walk, we ran into people leaving the beach and we ask everyone if they’ve seen a phone. We also pray and pray that God intervenes and brings the phone back to us.

At one point I was praying out loud so much that it essentially sounded like “begging”; then my 6-year-old son “checked” me.

He said “Mama, just pray and let it go. The Angels have heard your prayer and are working on it. Stop asking them.”

Oh my gosh, I was taken aback.

Did I ever mention that I believe my son is my very own spiritual guru?

He was right, though.

I needed to get away from that worry energy, that panicking, distraught energy, and simply believe that my prayer was heard and would be answered the way God wants to answer it.

And really, I needed a shift in perspective too. I would survive without a phone (obviously)!

Fast forward about an hour and a half later, we finally gave up our search and headed home which is about an hour drive. As soon as I got home, I was able to do the “find my phone” app and send an alarm to my phone.

The person that had found my phone called me back immediately and apologized for not calling sooner as he hurt his arm severely after finding my phone (unrelated to finding my phone), tossed my phone in his backpack, and had forgotten all about it.

Of course I felt compelled to offer this gentleman a small reward for his kind gesture of holding on to my phone and calling me back. My son and I wrote him a thank you card and enclosed a cash gift for him for my husband to give him.

My husband drove all the way back (two hour total trip) to go get the phone from him, and by 10pm that evening, my phone was back in my hands and all was well.

When I put my son to bed that night, I asked him, so are you surprised that we found my phone?

And the guru quickly and wisely responded, “No, I knew you would get it back”.