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A common question I get asked by students is typically right at the beginning of their study journey.

The first-time takers are still in the middle of their last semester of law school and the students who have already taken exam are already graduated and/or working.

Either student, first time taker or otherwise, wants to know WHEN SHOULD I START STUDYING?!

The answer is not so straight forward, but I will explain the process and you take what resonates with you.

Here we go.

Back in the day, the rule of thumb was to study approximately 10-12 weeks prior to the exam. This was actually perfect for most students because the semester would end approximately around the first week of December or May if in the Spring semester, leaving approximately 10-12 weeks of study time left.

Unfortunately, I personally believe that studying for 10-12 weeks is no longer enough time.

The exam changed considerably after 2013, adding Civil Procedure to the MBE portion, and 2 additional subjects to the Florida portion of the exam.

As a result, the exam taker essentially needs to be prepared to potentially write an essay for any of the old subjects in addition to the NEW subjects!  And as if that wasn’t enough, the MBE simultaneously got harder too, with the addition of a civil procedure subject on top of the other 6 subjects!

Therefore, it would be prudent for the student to begin studying a lot earlier than 10-12 weeks prior to bar exam. This thinking is in line with what most of the law schools are doing, which is adding bar prep to their curriculum; allowing students more bar prep time during their last semester.

If you are taking exam for the first time, then please take your law school bar prep program seriously, as it will help you get a great start on studying.

Use that precious time to:

  • Memorize black letter law,
  • Get Organized,
  • Most importantly did I mentionMEMORIZE BLACK LETTER LAW FOR MBE?

Please set aside time to do this during your last semester of law school.

If you are taking the exam again, then start by getting organized and memorizing black letter law in October or April (depending on Feb/July exam). By mid November/May, you are getting yourself ready to attack MBE questions, FL Multiple Choice, and start adding more essays to your schedule.

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