I would like to recommend Ellie from Mind Over Legal Matter.

I want to share my story with you because I want to inspire you to know that if I can, you can too!!! Read my story … and know that your dreams are possible.

This has been one of the most challenging times of my life aside from moving from Colombia to United States and getting divorced … I had a dream of being an attorney … not because I am looking for another career but for more meaningful reasons … like keeping my family heritage alive since my deceased grandfather (mother’s side) was a Judge in Colombia, being a firm believer in education getting a doctorate degree after my master’s degree felt like the next necessary step to be an example to my future kids, and showing others that anything is possible by being a live testimony of it. It was so hard to work full time, run a successful real estate business and career, and study full time for 4 years … but I did it … I got my Juris Doctorate.

Then the bar exam came and the ESL (English as a second language) became a hurtle in my road … moving here at 18 not knowing any English, having to think in both languages, Spanish and English, analyzing long and complicated questions, and picking an answer in 1.8 minutes for a extremely difficult test where 2 of the 4 answers are legally correct and seem right. So the first time I took the Florida Bar Exam, I passed the Florida part but failed the Federal part (MBE) … and it was so hard, heart breaking, discouraging, and depressing for me … a person who “never” failed a test before.

But I persisted and studied all over again from May to July, 8-12 hours a day, while still working 1/2 time in my “study breaks”, early in the morning, and late in the evening. I decided to take the whole test again to use points from Florida to Federal (hoping I did well in Florida again) which meant that I had to study all the material again because you never know what will get tested … and in my road of studying … I felt like giving up son many times, felt so far from passing the Federal part and that this was a mountain too tall for me to climb … but thanks to to my coach, Anaeli Barr, I did not give up.

Ellie took me as her personal project and was 100% vested in me and me passing the bar exam … I never met someone aside from my mom, who truly believed in me as much as she did and who stood up by my side … So thanks to “my bar angel” (how I call her) and God … I kept fighting.

For the MBE, Ellie encouraged me to focus on learning the black letter law. She used different strategies to first discover my learning method and after that, she focused on teaching me and re-enforcing the law in my preferred method of learning so that I could learn it, memorize it, and re-call it during the bar exam.

She helped me practice ESSAYS on each subject. She prepared me for topics that were never tested but had been disclosed by the Florida Bar as possible subjects of the exam. It happened that dependency, secured transactions, and commercial paper were actually tested in the bar exam and I was fully prepared for them, thanks to Ellie’s emphasis on studying every single subject.

Ellie also encouraged me to stay positive, to eat healthy, to work out, to meditate and to give my test 1000% of all my efforts. She was with me every step of the road and was reliable 100%.

The truth is that Ellie and Mind Over Legal Matter are the reason I passed. She is the best tutor I ever met and hired, she was personally vested in me passing the bar exam as if she was taking it through me … she was my bar angel sent from heaven. I can’t never thank Ellie and Mind Over Legal Matter enough!!!!

Adriana Montes, JD MBA

Mind Over Legal Matter assisted me in making sense of the Florida Essay portion. I was a repeat taker and the tutoring program assisted me in bringing my score up 10 points!! Listen to everything that she recommends!
Michelle Robles

The best thing that helped me was the mini outlines for each possible topic. Even if its one essay, go over EACH testable topic. I failed to do that the first time, and I was devastated when I got two essay topics I had never reviewed. This time, THANKS TO THE CLASS I was able to go over topics I probably would have skipped before. I scored over average on EVERY essay. I truly feel had I not taken the class I would not have done as well as I did. Your teaching style works well with everyone. We were all able to follow along, and take valuable information with us from each topic. Ive recommended the class to everyone I know who is taking July’s Florida portion. I wish you taught an MBE class, I would totally take that!!!!!
Jennifer Purvis, Esquire

I truly believe that Mind Over Legal Matter is the best investment you can make to pass ANY state bar exam! This program is design to fully place you above the curve on all essays. The instructor will give you the “ins and out” of the state exam, as well as typical patterns to be on the lookout for. She will help you master issue spotting both for state specific topics as well as MBE topics. I give 100% credit to this program for helping me pass the Florida section of the bar exam. I fully recommend Mind Over Legal Matter!
Melissa Alzate, Esquire

Practicing essays is a MUST! MOLM provides step by step videos on writing essays for the Florida Bar exam. It provides essay outlines for every topic that may be tested. I personally loved the flow charts. I highly recommend watching the videos on MOLM and doing as many practice essays as possible.
Ashley Broussard

Mind over Legal Matter is the best resource when it comes to learning what the Florida Bar is looking for in essays. I will be honest the essay portion was the portion that I was primarily concerned about being that there are so many subjects that could be tested. MOLM helped me tremendously! I memorized all the outlines and went into the exam very confident and came out feeling amazing! I am very grateful that I found MOLM, and I highly recommend it.
Michelle DeVos, Esquire

I would definitely recommend Mind Over Legal Matter to those preparing and/or having difficulties with the essay portion of the FL Bar Exam. The program is easy to follow and understand. In addition to the videos on each subject tested, there are flowcharts, and handouts that compliment the videos. I found it extremely helpful in preparing for the essays, especially on the subjects that I never took in law school, and on the newer subjects that are being tested. Additionally, the instructor is very supportive, patient, and understanding, she truly cares that her students succeed and will check in on you to make sure you’re keeping on track. I know that the skills I learned from taking this class aided me greatly in passing the Bar Exam this past July.
Alicia Ramdass

MOLM is professional, kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and most of all patient.  During my experience with her, she set the nervous jitters (also known as nausea) aside and taught succinct ways of digesting the mounds of information needed to be successful for the Bar.

Ellie is an expert at creating very to the point rules of law that not only prepare you to write the three essays that stand between you and your license, but make you comfortable knowing you have all the knowledge (at least enough of it to pass) to get through not only day one but will carry you through day two.

I cannot stress enough how much this bit of confidence gives you an edge.  While the person next to you will be tapping their pencil, fidgeting in their chair, scoping out the bathrooms contemplating vomiting, or holding back sobbing (the ugly kind), you will be calm and collected knowing you’ve got this.

You will open you essay booklet, take a deep breath and the words that Ellie pounded into your head will start playing…then you start writing and writing with a smile on your face and a feeling your essay is going to be the model answer.

MOLM gives you these tools and prepares you not only with mounds of knowledge but a feeling of confidence.  I cannot express enough my gratitude to her and her amazing talents and happily recommend her to anyone with a hope of passing the Bar.

P.S. When she says write a million essays (ok maybe that is a bit exaggerated), do it, believe her.  You will thank her later when you get that Pass Pass Pass Yes.

Jennifer L. Benjamin, Esq.

The bar exam can be the most daunting and challenging obstacle a person can face in their life time. Almost every attorney has a bar exam story, and every attorney recalls the day vividly no matter how long it has been since taking the exam. I took the exam 3 times.

That’s three times having to go through the daunting task of facing this monstrous beast. The initial time I didn’t pass any section. The second I had passed the MBE but not the FL Written portion. I had several tutors before try and help me strengthen my writing but none as fantastically amazing as MOLM.

The thing I liked the most is that even though I was living in Broward County and over 3 hours away from her, Ellie was more than active with my tutoring sessions. She kept in touch and was prompt with replies. She was encouraging and motivating and when I felt I couldn’t take anymore, she reassured me and showed me that this exam was possible. I learned a lot! How to best organize my essays. Organization is key to this exam. IRAC IRAC IRAC.

And if you are having issues on how to organize something, ASK! I also learned how to stay calm.

And most importantly I learned how to believe in myself again after failure. Something that can be quite a challenge with this beast of an exam. But, MOLM was there every step of the way. I recommend highly to students who are taking the exam to ALWAYS fully do the work.

No matter how tired you are, no matter how daunting the task, no matter how brain-dead you are, do the work! MOLM gives you an outline dictating exactly what you need to accomplish for that day. If you do exactly as she says and focus and push yourself as far as you never have before, you are MORE than capable of accomplishing your goal.

Do not be intimidated to ask questions no matter how stupid you may think they are. The more you understand and the more you know what it is you need to write, the better off you will be on the day of the exam. Do not let your pride get the better of you. I can’t thank MOLM enough for the guidance and structure that she provided in my hour of need so that I may be exactly where I want to be today.

An attorney in the state of Florida, S.Y. (initials)

When I reached out to MOLM,  I had just received my July 2016 Bar Exam results. That had been my third failed attempt. I wasn’t missing the exam by much but it wasn’t enough to help me beat that curve.

My issue wasn’t not knowing enough law but it was test takers anxiety. MOLM helped me not only overcome that fear but also taught me how to organize my essays and thoughts in a way that even if on test day anxiety hit, it would not interfere with what I needed to do.

Ellie by far is the person that helped me the most and helped me overcome the monster wasn’t allowing me to move on with my life. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s struggling with the Bar exam and advise that you trust her, the process, and truly listen and do what she says. Thanks to her, I was able to pass the exam and move onto the next chapter!

Nicole Garcia, Esq.

Miami, FL

I am so thankful I met Ellie at the beginning of my Bar prep journey. Her unique approach to teaching essays is what led me to my success.

One of the ways she taught our class was by splitting us into groups. Each group was then given a rule statement. We had to come up with an acronym, rhyme, or easy way of remembering it. Each group would teach the class their specific rule statement. The class was given positive, new ways to remember the rules in different subjects. We loved it!

Another significant lesson she taught us was to write out rule statements as practice. Having a rule statement memorized for each subject made writing under time constraints less stressful. Even if I drew a blank, I at least had my solid rule statements to get me started.

MOLM truly cares about each students’ success. She wants to see you improve and pass! She gave me confidence by encouraging me, even when I was not at my best; and celebrating with me in my victories!

Her character is above reproach and her commitment to students’ success is absolute. I highly recommend Mind Over Legal Matter as your Florida essay prep program.

Mary B. Whitesides, Esq.

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