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So what does being “zen” even mean? How about this — who cares what it means, the better question is what does it mean to YOU?

Does it mean you get to do things that make you feel rested, peaceful, and enlightened?

Does it mean that you are happy with yourself and your choices (whether at work, life, or family)?

For me, it means tranquility in all aspects of my being. It means feeling satisfied and content in the moment and feeling neutrality (instead of frustration, anger, hopelessness) with the things that I cannot change. This new perspective has completely changed the way I view my life and my profession.

Frankly, this is not easy to simply change overnight.

However, there are small steps you can take to achieving a zen attitude in your workday life.

Try these three common situations that working lawyers find themselves in and try it for just ONE day and let me know what you think! Click HERE

Finding peace starts with one simple step. Allow yourself to take that first step today and continue to build upon it. The life you’ve always dreamed of begins NOW.