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I am always telling my students to watch what they say because words are powerful. They sometimes brush me off, and say yah yah I know, be positive.

But it’s more than just being positive.

We really need to watch our words because we create our own reality and depending on our perspective, we are going to create either something negative or something positive.

If I am always saying I am so stupid, I can’t past the bar exam, I am so tired of this, I can’t believe I missed that, I am so dumb, I will never pass the bar, I will never find a job, etc. then guess what?!

You never will.

I don’t just preach this, I work really hard to practice it. Believe me, I sometimes want to indulge in that negative energy and just get really dark and destructive, and just say screw it! And when I catch myself doing this or my husband calls me on it, I stop and redirect myself.

But of course sometimes we really want to do it on social media or on the phone talking to someone, and just say “Who cares! Let me just “vent” and then proceed with saying destructive negative thoughts or things about someone else.

The problem with that is that WORDS ARE POWERFUL.

My six year old son and I conducted an experiment at home. I had previously seen a video about the “rice experiment” and putting rice into three separate containers, where you say nice things to one, say negative things to another, and then nothing to the last one.

I didn’t have big containers so I just used small ones and didn’t cook the rice. I placed the uncooked rice in water.

After about 15 days, we saw results. The one we said nice things to was doing fine and fermenting. The one we spoke negatively to was rotting/molding, and the neutral one was also fermenting and had some maggots in there. Ew!

When I dumped them out and cleaned them, I noticed that the one we had been saying mean things to was not just molding, it was rotted to its core.

It was very difficult to clean.

You could see that the top layer was moldy, but it wasn’t until I tried to take it apart, that you could see how much damage was in the inside. You can see this in the pictures I took near the sink while I was trying to rinse them clean.

I immediately thought of how this would be analogous to our own bodies.

The negative things we say show up in our “top layer” by starting off the day complaining, getting stuck in traffic, stubbing our toe on the desk, spilling our coffee, etc…

But then when you get to the inside you realize that there may be deeper issues that may be causing this perspective and creating this negative reality.

This is where meditation, prayer, or other forms of deep connection with yourself may enhance your life and change your perspective.

Start your day off on a happy note, no matter what the circumstances. Put your energy into how things are going to get better, how God is always with you, and how changing your perspective can change your reality.

Just try it. Do it every day, little by little.

What have you got to lose? Or rather, what have you got to GAIN?

Finding peace starts with one simple step. Allow yourself to take that first step today and continue to build upon it. The life you’ve always dreamed of begins NOW.